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About Us

​King Solomon Camp Today...

If you visited camp any random day of the summer you might find campers scattered around the campus. Some of them beneath the shade of the trees on the basketball court, playing a game of pickup and making new friends. You might find a group of them engrossed in a rousing game of handgolf at any one of the camps 36 holes. The swingsets, monkey bars and tether balls would no doubt hold the attention of a whole different crowd. Here and there you'll see students hanging out on porches, in the activitiy center and perched on the bridge just sharing life together, laughing and reliving the day's best minutes. And that was just free time!

Get slimed at the morning show, be challenged by a great speaker and workshop, make new friends as you consipire to dunk the staff while on an outing at the Solomon pool, get soaked and worn out at the afternoon campwide rec challenges, dine on some great meals at the mess hall, worship with the praise band, find yourself emmersed in a game of epic proportions like counselor find or capture the flag complete with glow sticks, camo and the occasionaly ninja sighting and no evening would be complete without a chorus of songs beneath the stars at camfire. All that wedged in between the good morning bell and lights out. Want to experience it for yourself? Get with us here.


We're a small camp with a big heart for today's youth. We host anywhere from 800-900 campers and staff every summer. Each week's camp is planned, prepared and executed by a team of youth or children ministers and staffed by amazingly generous and willing volunteers made up of parents, grandparents, college students, church families and local ministers. The camp's paid staff (Camp Director, Kitchen Staff, Facilities Staff & College Interns) are a essential part of the team as well. Helping King Solomon Camp fulfill its vision of impacting campers for Christ for another 60 years.

But that being said, do you need a facility for your next reunion, meeting, retreat or event? We'd love to be able to serve you however possible. We can provide rentable space, lodging and other services to help make your plan a success.


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The Founders

Camp History


​King Solomon Christian Camp began in 1953 with the acquisition of 37 acres of land outside Solomon, Kansas from the King family.  With a goal of providing young people an opportunity to grow in Christ in a country setting, King Solomon has been striving to make an impact on the lives of people young and old ever since.

After functioning through most of her history with two basic buildings- a dining hall/boys dorm and a chapel/girls dorm- King Solomon has undergone major renovation in the last 10 years with the addition of a Chapel and storm shelter, and the remodeling of the dorms.

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