Summer Camps this year at KSCC...

We've made a few adjustments thi year to give us the best chance of hosting a great Summer Camp Season!


-One age group camp each this summer to give our campers the best experience possible.

-We've pushed our camps back to starting a few weeks later as some local school disticts are attending through the first week or two of June.

These are the dates for 2021:

(click on a Dean's name to email him/her)

Current Dates for 2021

High School: June 14-18

Jr High: June 28- July 2

5-6: June 21-24

3-4: July 7-9

1-2: July 12-13

Day Camp: July 17

Day Camp - July 12th-13th

Earlybird: $30

Deans: To Be Determined : )

1st - 2nd Camp - July 12th-13th

Earlybird: $90 / after $100

Deans: To Be Determined : )

3rd-4th Camp - July 7th-9th

Earlybird: $135 / after $150

Deans: To Be Determined : )

5th - 6th  - June 21st-24th

Earlybird: $180 / after $200

Deans: Luke Schreiber , Ben Hammack & Chris Ensley

Jr. High - June 28th - July 2nd

Earlybird: $200 / after: $220

Deans: Andrew Jansen , Micah Crosley & Bryan Sammons


Sr. High - June 14th-18th

Earlybird: $200 / after May 3rd: $220

Deans: Mitch Myer, Kaleb Sackett & Matt Johnson


2021 Registration Form
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Earlybird Deadline is Changing


We'll keep you apprised to when prices will INCREASE.


Not sure which camp your student should attend?

Students often attend the camps that are the same as the grade they will be entering into this next fall. Find one you want to attend? Get with one of our area partner Christian Churches or contact Camp Director Dave here. Need more info about your specific camp? Click on the dean's name to drop them an email!



**All camp registrations begin at 10am

EXCEPT FOR 3rd & 4th which begins at 4pm

**And all camps end by 1pm their last day

EXCEPT FOR Day camp which ends at 3pm.



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